That child-like sense of wonder

The next time a sunrise steals your breath or a shooting star leaves you in awe, remain silent and listen as God whispers: “Do you like it? I did it for you.”

– Author Unknown

A priest, who is a very good friend of mine – and, when I’m feeling particularly fond of him, a beloved grandfather – once told me: “Never lose that child-like sense of wonder.”  Since then, I have taken it as a sort of personal philosophy, among others.  At first, this was because it provided me with a good excuse for staring around at things that seem ordinary to people – some people find it weird that I would stop to examine a spider web sprinkled with dewdrops along the path.  But I soon realized that it was teaching me something new – a new way to appreciate the world: through the eyes of God, the Greatest of Artists.

The artistic chaos of a sunset, all those splashes of vivid red and orange contrasting with the serene hues of indigo and blue.

The refreshing, salty smell of the sea that you breathe in while walking along the shore.

Birds twittering and chirping, each feather, beak and song distinct from the other.

The burst of flavor in your mouth when you take a bite off a ripe fruit.

The cool rain generously watering parched lands.

This is to say nothing yet of the thousands of cycles and processes and changes happening all around me that keeps the world habitable for me.

Taking in all these things that all my senses can perceive, and taking a moment to realize just how much care and thought God put into even the tiniest of his creations just for me…it just blows the mind away.

As the verse in a song goes: “What is man that You should touch him with Your Grace?”

I am but a teeny-tiny, pinprick of a speck in this infinite cosmos…yet God takes the time to draw a rainbow across the sky just to cheer me up.

How can I not feel special, and blessed, and loved?






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