Her Share of Glory

A man was decorating his new den and decided it was a good place to display all the awards he and his two sons had won at various athletic competitions.

When he had filled two whole walls, he remarked to his wife that it was a shame she had no awards to contribute.

The following day, the man’s wife produced, neatly framed, the birth certificates of their two sons, and added them to the display.


– Christian Family

[Mihalic, F. (1989). 1000 Stories You Can Use. Manila: Divine Word Publications.]



The saying goes that when a woman is giving birth, ang isang paa niya ay nasa hukay na.  And yet, even with that age-old adage-slash-warning, your mother still went through those nine months up to that moment of near-death, just to bring you into this world.  That, among many, many other things — if you just take the time to notice — pretty much stands as a testament to how much of a strong, brave and amazing woman your mother is.

When was the last time you thanked her for any of the things she has done for you?

When was the last time you told her you love her, even when there is no occasion for this declaration?

Since you were born, your mother has never stopped being a mother and will never stop being a mother.  Celebration of Mothers Day should not stop after this day ends either. 🙂




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